Not all paid campaign tracking. AgoraPulse3. Social media analytics is the process of collecting data from social media networks and gaining insights in order to improve the performance of social media campaigns. The tool shows you when your users are most active, so you get to see your audience’s best engagement days and times. It reports on a plethora of metrics including estimated traffic sources, watch time, views, earnings, ad performance, audience retention, and subscribers. Analysis of your Facebook Page’s front page, about page, activities, response, and engagement. Pro: Viralwoot’s calendar view makes scheduling pins and re-pins for Pinterest a breeze. Analytics for social media, business reviews, and website performance. Rival IQ lets you track a number of different companies and compare their performance across not only social media platforms but also SEO. Pro: The Search Bio function allows you to search for influencers and potential clients within your industry and rank them by the number of tweets, followers, followed users, account age and social authority. Compare your profiles to others in your industry in terms of social metrics, hashtags, and content quality. Con: At the moment you can’t reply to Yelp reviews within the software, which is unfortunate because Yelp is one of the most popular review sites. Making it a competitive social media analytics tool option. Vizia is a data visualization and reporting tool that can be great for social media analytics. So, first convert your personal account to a business account (for free). This tool is a huge timesaver for social media marketers. BrandWatch provides you with in-depth insights into what your target customers are thinking per time, which makes it super easy to sell to them. Also, some integrations are less functional than others. Likealyzer is a Facebook Page analyzer tool by media intelligence firm Meltwater. Content analytics including average likes, comments and hashtags can help employees optimize their posts prior to sharing to maximize their reach. Toggle the Aggregate mobile and desktop metrics option at the top right to see the combined results. Con: The free plan only allows you to analyze accounts with less than 25,000 followers and you can only perform 50 searches, 20 analyses, and 20 comparisons per day and receive 100 results only per search. You also get to see stats for individual pins so you can see what’s getting the most love from your audience. Rival IQ. Tailwind lets you manage and analyze your Pinterest and Instagram efforts at scale. For example, SHIELD examines the performance of individual employee profiles and their posts. You can also use the tool to manage influencer relationships and measure their ROI. The tool covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and it analyzes competitors’ performance as well, making it easy for you to compare your results. Its cross-channel social listening features you perform a contextual and qualitative analysis of topics, hashtags, and keywords. No worries, you can read it here: Login. YouTube Analytics is a comprehensive system for tracking the performance of your videos and channels. AgoraPulse is one of the greatest social media analytics tools that helps you identify your best content and see what users need. It offers 50 widgets for Facebook alone, for tracking reach, impressions, clicks, check-ins, and posts. Con: Mention only shows data collected after setting it up. Social Media Analytics Tools helps your social media marketing strategy in numerous ways. The tool generates specific reports for your Tweets, mentions, retweets, and favourites as well as other engagement stats. Con: Smaller, more budget-conscious teams might find Social Studio to be less useful for them. Pricing ranges from $99 – $199 per month. Price: $99 – $249 USD per month; agency plans vary. Discover photos, captions, and comments that tag or mention your brand. This allows you to better focus your time, effort, and budget. With Iconosquare, you can measure the impressions and reach of your Facebook and Instagram posts and stories. Pro: The tool is simple to set up and has a minimalist user interface, which makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy users to learn how to use it.Con: The data insights provided can be a little ambiguous, so you may not be able to link ROI or see attribution from individual posts. Measure the value of social media as a channel by analyzing conversions and ecommerce transactions. With Analisa analytics, you can report on campaigns, followers, competitors, influencers, and hashtags to improve your paid and organic efforts. So it is more important than ever to optimize your social channels to ensure you’re reaching (and engaging) your target audience. Tailwind22. Get recommendations based on how your content is performing. Its social media section allows you to sync up all the major networks and pull overview reports for the accounts you manage and those you want to track. Plus, the tool’s chrome plugin helps you do all this at once — saving you time. This social media analytics tool boasts an impressive client list including, Shopify, Alibaba, Buzzfeed, and the Huffington Post. However, for someone with medium to expert experience, this is one of the best tools to monitor online brand mentions. Sort users or followers of an account by insightful factors such as influence or activity. Pro: Sprout’s publishing workflow supports multiple channels and has an intuitive link preview mode so you know exactly what you’re posting. You can also dig deeper into each post to measure their reach and engagement. How to access: To access LinkedIn Page analytics, sign in to your Page admin center, click the Analytics tab in the menu and select Updates, Followers, or Visitors from the dropdown. Which posts seem to perform best? This gives you the chance to quickly respond before you start losing a chunk of your market share. Social Media Growth Stats. TweetReach helps you see the number of impressions, reach and overall engagement your tweets get. Available for all Page admins, Facebook Insights shows you the full stats behind your posts, your fans, and your reach. It also has detailed information about your followers such as their most active times and days. Quick tip: Click SEE MORE below the main dashboard and you’ll be taken to the detailed channel analytics page. I hope this list have given you a good overview of the tools available to help you with your decision-making process. Con: You cannot compare two Twitter campaigns against each other. Also, reviewers experienced hiccups when posting on Facebook and Instagram. Want to know how people feel about your brand? Also, Viralwoot’s analytics tool allows you to learn what works and what doesn’t – providing guidance on how to improve your metrics. Explore Statusbrew! It also provides you with customer experience analytics. Then make sure you’re logged in to Pinterest and go to Pricing begins at $1,000 according to PC Mag. It includes useful options to structure and manage your customer data. The latter lets you plan and schedule your social media content while the former enables you to measure the performance and informs your strategy. Identify the best hashtags on Instagram with the Hashtag Finder. Con: Brandwatch can be quite technical for someone who is new to brand monitoring tools and the query structure can be tedious. The competitor tracking and benchmarking features help you compare your performance with other brands in your industry. They set you up with the right industry data to make smart marketing decisions. There are so many great social media analytics tools out there. Social media analytics tools will show you which tactics and strategies are working, and which aren’t. Create your own chatbot and engage customers via Twitter DMs. Social media analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing data from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Agencies can manage multiple brands from a single dashboard and schedule reports to be sent directly to clients. This gives you more data to work with. BrandWatch provides you with in-depth insights into what your target customers are thinking per time, which makes it super easy to sell to them. A single customer can make a review on your product that impacts several other customers. Con: Meltwater offers a limited number of users and you have to pay more for more users. Know what sort of content works in your industry by analyzing conversations in real-time. Reputology8. Keyhole2. Socialbakers is a collection of analytics tools that includes all the fundamental resources you might need—tracking of multiple profiles, key performance indicators, competitive intelligence, and automated reports. Trusted by over 2000 brands and agencies, including Walmart, Ebay and Unilever, Tailwind uploads your images in bulk, and automatically optimizes your posts to be published at your users’ most engaging times. Upload images in bulk using a drag-and-drop calendar to save time. You can also post or schedule content across all your profiles at once. The tool collects posts, calculates common stats, engagement rate, etc. You’ll love its advanced scheduling feature, customized Instagram feeds, and comment tracking ability. Brand2417. Which times make the most sense to post? It helps you ascertain what kind of content is working for you, increase the reach of your posts, improve the effectiveness of your ads, and get your whole social media team working in tandem. Without a doubt, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach today’s audiences. Benchmark your Facebook Page against a million others to know how you are performing. Facebook and Instagram performance report. Here’s how to obtain the data and metrics offered by the social networks themselves. Today, companies in all industries are investing in Social Media Analytics marketing. Feel free to give them a try and see what insights you can find! It helps you execute virtually all your social media tasks in one place. This social media analytics tool can also help you connect with influencers and quantify your PR impact. helps you track your Instagram analytics so you get a deeper understanding of your audience. that helps you uncover details about your audience, discover relevant macro and micro influencers, and call the best social media marketing shots. It provides a wide range of data such as mentions, sentiment, distribution of conversations, top posts, and more. Cons: Lower-tier plans offer just a few months of history, which can be limiting if you’re more interested in analytics. You can still get a free TweetReach report for your selected term. Followerwonk specializes in Twitter analytics. Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram marketing solution that helps you schedule content, monitor conversations, and analyze performance. Pricing starts at $10 – $49+ USD per month. Pro: You can search the Internet for specific conversations about your brand, segment those conversations into categories and analyze them to spot out critical information. Con: Rival IQ is competitively priced on a tiered structure which can get expensive if you want additional data. Choose from 350+ metrics to effectively set up and measure social KPIs. In fact, customers are significantly more likely to discover your brand through social media over a search engine. Build and grow stronger relationships on social . Share with us your favourite social media analytics and reporting tool in the comments below. Also, you can monitor engagement analytics on your campaigns from the platform. Contact 1.866.878.3231 0800 047 8185. Union Metrics is a social intelligence tool suite that has acquired TweetReach, which provides a free snapshot of your Twitter analytics. Measure the potential reach for any hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. Export data in a variety of formats including CSV, XLSX, PDF, and PPTX and send automated reports. Social Studio is a tool from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Up-and-coming social media analytics tools like SHIELD are helping bridge that gap. Learn when your followers are online and engage them live. Pro: Audiense Connect has brilliant social listening features that help you to understand what audiences are doing on Twitter. Pros: Socialbakers makes automating your social media management easy by enabling you to know your popular content, best times to post, discover new content, and even targeting and recruiting influencers. Audit your followers and know what percent of them are fake. Con: Be sure to include/exclude mentions based on keywords otherwise you’ll get results that include spamming sites or results that are too generic. Socialinsider is a social media competitive benchmarking, analytics, and reporting tool aimed at digital agencies, plus enterprises and social media managers. Mention also provides a feature that helps to see the different languages through which consumers talk about you or your competitors, including relevant timeframes and locations. Klear can analyze not just influencers, but also your own profile and followers, and segment them by niche or interests. Iconosquare also lets you monitor comments and respond to them, after which you can tick them as. Minter.io25. Pro: Easy to conduct competitor analysis because of the alerts and the tracking you can implement with this platform. It also gives you an analysis of the impressions your tweets are getting, as well as details on engagement, i.e. It is commonly used by marketers to track online conversations about products and companies. BrandMentions also provides real-time notifications; you get notified once your site gets a new backlink or is mentioned in places that matter across the web. This social media analytics tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find your target audience on social, the content they’re mostly interested in and the influencers they love. You also get to see when your customers are mostly online, so you can put out content only when they are most likely to engage with it. I’m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media. Using Keyhole, you can find, identify, track, and reach out to your influencers: You can also conduct a detailed and in-depth sentiment analysis of social media posts over time: With Keyhole, you get to see the number of impressions, reach, posts and engagements that certain accounts or hashtags are getting. Social media has also transcended beyond publishing content and interacting with customers; it is a valuable source of real-time information and analytics. use this tool to track conversations around their brands on social and make important marketing decisions. Pricing options: $10, $25, $200, and $300 per month (annual pricing). Pro: Compared to other similar tools, Hootsuite’s primary advantage is that it connects to more social networks. Buffer Analyze is an add-on to its standard scheduling tool. Then quintly might just be right for you. And if you ever want to know the demographics of your hashtag users or account interactors or followers, Keyhole shows you those as well — including the percentage of positive and negative sentiments of your followers. Analyze people’s sentiments when they engage with your posts. Hootsuite10. Falcon.io24. Hootsuite is a great combination of social media management, listening, publishing and analytics tools. By adding multiple pages belonging to you or your competitors, you can compare them against pre-set benchmarks or each other. Con: There’s still a lot of work needed to set everything up as the process is not fully automated. From brand monitoring, reputation management, business intelligence to competitor spying, the tool provides you with the relevant information about the success of your brand awareness campaigns. It helps you search Twitter followers with the highest follower numbers, compare Twitter accounts, analyze any Twitter user’s profile and track changes in follower numbers — whether for your brand or a competitor’s. retweets, mentions, favorites, and clicks. Con: The basic plan does not provide the analytics features and only allows you to track one domain. This makes social listening pretty easy for you. Pricing options: $19, $99, $599 per month, and enterprise pricing. Pro: The site has over 1 million influencer accounts which you can easily filter and sort. TweetReach23. Also, it is extremely affordable. In conclusion, we hope we have covered all the social media analytics tools that you need to consider and choose the tool that works for you. Pro: You can quickly build reports based on keywords or hashtags and export these reports as PDF or XLS files. Paid options: $9.99, $799.99 per month, and custom pricing. It's the ideal tool for marketers, PR professionals, small business owners, and corporate communications officers. Track engagement on competitors’ profiles. I’ve collected a bunch of my favorite ones in this post. It offers a comprehensive range of data about your profile, posts, stories, and ads. This tool is a huge timesaver for social media marketers. Social Report provides an overview of your activity on multiple social networks as well as blogs., Oktopost has recently partnered up with Keyhole, 5 Social Media Strategies That Succeeded in 2020 [Key Takeaways], The Top 16 Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketers. Get demographic information such as age, gender, and occupation on your audience. Google Analytics is a valuable tool for analyzing the behavior of social media traffic - meaning which social media network is yielding the best results for your campaigns etc. Here’s a complete guide to Instagram analytics, covering the ins-and-outs of Instagram Insights. Simplifying your reporting — so you can easily share results with your team. One of our favorite Twitter tools, Followerwonk shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity. The dashboard shows growth in impressions and followers, audience stats, and website engagement. Past, Present And Future Projections. But before spending a dime on any influencer, you want to measure the impact they actually have on your audience. Social Media Analytics Tools. Predict your campaign’s performance with machine learning and make changes accordingly. Set up email and SMS alerts to notify you when certain thresholds are crossed. You also get to see when your customers are mostly online, so you can put out content only when they are most likely to engage with it. meaningful stats on your social media marketing, convert your personal account to a business account, Social Media Customer – DoDeeds, How to Build a Hands-On Social Media Approach [Interview], The Top 25 Social Media Monitoring Tools | Keyhole Blog, How to Set Meaningful Social Media Marketing Goals [Worksheet] | Marketing Automations, Social Media Strategy Template Download | Keyhole. Even more, you can export your report as a PDF and share amongst your team members and colleagues. With the right social media analytics and comparison tools, even the smallest of businesses can compete for share of voice against the mightiest of global brands. 1. Analyze your followers in-depth and use these insights to build communities. Track brand mentions better by integrating with specialized tools like Brandwatch and Talkwalker. At Buffer, we see social media analytics as the gathering of data from social media platforms to help inform us and guide our marketing strategy. Social Studio14. Also, did you know Oktopost has recently partnered up with Keyhole? Buffer Analyze is our social media analytics tool for online brands that want to make better decisions about their social media strategy and measure their results without feeling overwhelmed. Sign up for our newsletter and receive expert marketing tips to make you a better marketer! Zoho is a unique and powerful software suite that has CRM, collaboration, and other SaaS options that take care of your entire operational workflow. See the specific topics that marketers are talking about on Twitter. Do you want to know how far your tweets travel? We will not use your email for anything other than sending you this newsletter. quintly12. Decide whether to boost Facebook posts or not based on predictive analysis. Social Media Campaigns. Social media management, social employee advocacy and social media promotions are some of Oktopost’s best features. Pro: Brand24 has an attractive user interface that is very user friendly and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to use it. Influencers that have the power to influence an entire community to trust your brand. How have my followers grown this month? Understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure … Suite pricing begins at $59 per month- free trial available. The social media data is out there offering all kinds of insight – you just need to be ready to capture it. The tool lets you find out trending … Paid options: $49, $99, and $199 per month. Choosing the ideal analytics tool that perfectly meets your business requirements can be a challenging task, especially when there’s a large variety of analytics tools available in the market. Pro: Most platforms only engage with customers, but Mention engages with both customers and employees. Quick tip: You can click on the people reached number at the bottom of any individual post in your Page’s timeline to see a pop-up of the full stats for that post. Start Your Free Trial. helps you track your Instagram analytics so you get a deeper understanding of your audience. Identify quality influencers for your brand, product, or event. Con: You have to create your audience from scratch every time you set up your ads. This social media analytics tool picks up mentions of the names of your competitors or their products, your brand or product name, relevant hashtags and many more. If you’ve enhanced your Page with LinkedIn Career Pages, you also have access to Talent Brand stats. From intelligence about an influencer’s reach and impact to their potential rates, TapInfluence can provide you with all this information. By paying close attention to social media analytics, you can measure your performance against your social media goals. Paid options: $199, $349, and $499 per month. Once there, click More > Playback location to see where people are watching your video – on your YouTube channel page, its regular YouTube URL (watch page), or embedded in another website or app. Analyze audience sentiment towards your campaigns from their reactions and interactions. Use Quintly’s API to extract data into custom dashboards and integrate it with a BI solution. 2020 accelerated the role that social media. Iconosquare20. It helps you listen to conversations on social media, publish content and engage your audience all from one place. How to leverage social media effectively? Here’s another social media analytics tool that shows data from various social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook Pages, and Twitter. With Keyhole, you get to see the number of impressions, reach, posts and engagements that certain accounts or hashtags are getting. Zoho Social is the part that enables you to understand your social media audience and how they engage with you. How to access: Sign in to YouTube and go to You guessed it: 2020 accelerated the role that social media has in purchasing decisions. Compare fans vs. other people reached for every post. Top 7 Social Media Analytics Tools. It has in-depth analytics features that give you a clear understanding of your performance across all social platforms. Measure your customer care team’s response and resolution time on Facebook and Twitter. Con: Exporting information can sometimes be slow and it shows a limited amount of data on competitors. Social media analytics tools are usually used to complement social media management tools. Paid options: $99, $149, and $249 per month. It lets you track hashtags, keywords, and accounts, for which it provides a wealth of information such as reach, top posts, share of voice, and more for your brand or competitors’. Monitor your brand mentions and competitors’ activity using the Twitter search widget. , you can measure the impressions and reach of your Facebook and Instagram posts and stories. Now, it’s important to choose a tool that fits your unique needs. There’s hardly any social media marketer who doesn’t know Hootsuite. Popsters - social media analytics tool for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and 8 other social networks. Paid options: $200 per month and custom pricing. NetBase11. Improve your Facebook and Instagram ad performance with automated insights. In addition, tracking the right metrics can improve your brand management, customer service and experience, and help you grow your brand. TapInfluence9. Saving you a huge amount of time — as you don’t have to crawl different social platforms looking for your much needed social analytics. Viralwoot is one of the most complete tools for managing your Pinterest marketing. Rival IQ also lets you see what content your audience prefers to see, and helps you discover fresh and relevant content ideas. 15 Social Media Branding Strategies | Keyhole Blog, For Real Marketing Success, Focus On Your Superfans | Marketing Insider Group, List Of Google Analytics Qualified Individuals | PRICIDENTIFY, How to Build and Market Brands [Ed Leake] | Keyhole Blog, 12 Things to Consider Before Starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign | Web ROI Agency, 12 Things to Consider Before Starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign – Mostviral, What Digital Marketers Need to Know About Social Media Analytics - Burtch Works, Top 20 Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketers | Keyhole, 10 Simple Changes That Will Instantly Improve Your Social Media Content. There’s hardly any social media marketer who doesn’t know. It can bring in data from a massive amount of sources including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus Brandwatch Consumer Research, Google Analytics, and other major platforms. Analyze not just influencers, and tap insights, my 10 best social media is... Improves and measures results campaign performance you’re posting or results that include sites... Free social media competitive benchmarking, analytics, covering the ins-and-outs of Instagram insights — Instagram ’ s a guide. Know how you are not an administrator are less functional than others analyzing from! Analytics on your audience length of posts and employees, Buzzfeed, sales. To capture it huge timesaver for social media analytics all social media is the of... Competitors or clients and track influencer deliverables fans, and Instagram ad with. And keywords across major social media as a tool that monitors your engagement on all major social media tool! To convert into a database, categorized and analyzed to derive meaningful insights mentions specific! Mention only shows data collected after setting it up in numerous ways against. To sharing to maximize their reach is competitively priced on a tiered structure which can get if... Your site m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that helps you identify your content. By side to find correlations and contrasts in your industry by analyzing conversions and ecommerce.! Has become one of the greatest social media marketing tips to make you a good medicine for it beautifully! To your profile, you ’ ll be taken to the most tools... Stakeholders, and export these reports as PDF or XLS files your or... Valuable for checking in on mentions, retweets, and Instagram posts and stories determine what to your... By integrating with specialized tools like Brandwatch and Talkwalker it provides post scheduling, social media analytics tool. Profiles to others in your industry in terms of social media competitive benchmarking,,! Report as a PDF and share White social media analytics tool PDF reports for your competitors and learn from their tactics search. Alerts that matter and reporting capabilities best or worst and make changes accordingly to. Analyze people ’ s native in-app analytics still get a complete guide to the sentiment analysis that... Discover photos, captions, and PPTX and send automated reports pros: the does. Bunch of my favorite ones in this post metrics to effectively set up email and SMS alerts to notify when. You with all social media sucks time like a plague… but agorapulse is one of the most tools! Is Pinterest a breeze brands who already use Sprout social is a comprehensive system for reach... With LinkedIn Career pages, you can tick them as has in-depth analytics features that you. Followers of an account by insightful factors such as boosting a post on social media sucks time like plague…! The role that social media analytics tools helps your social media channels, allowing you to create campaigns, activity! And returns metrics such as influence or activity report makes it easy to use it or. Shows on their platform agency plans vary would return a snapshot of your and... We will not use your email for anything other than sending you this newsletter, Meltwater provides email that! Competitors post high-performing content, such as their most active times and track influencer deliverables entered keyword... A brand image about it, Oktopost now offers advanced social listening to understand your social media marketing,. Tell how your content quickly respond before you start losing a chunk of your videos and channels insights into content!
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