© COPYRIGHT 2021 PLANITDIY.COM. Propane torch. Salt-Free Water Conditioners. Installing a whole-house water filter is no different, really, though the questions to ask yourself might be a little different from normal. What is a whole house filter? If possible, isolate your home’s outside faucets since your lawn and garden won’t need filtered water. This assumes you buy an average priced 24 pack of water bottles at a cost around $5.00. Well water gives you freedom from a utility company and bills, but it can pose as many problems as it eliminates. Photo by Keller & Keller Photo by Keller & Keller The most efficient way to filter household air is through your home’s forced-air heating or central air-conditioning system. The iron filter needs to be installed after the pressure tank. Install a Whole-House Sediment Filter Sturdy mounts and a filter bypass prevent problems down the road. Although the filter itself is low maintenance, the pre-filter will have to be replaced every 6-9 months and the carbon media inside the tank is somewhat pricey when it needs replacing. First, we’ll wrap Teflon® tape in a clockwise direction around the threads of these two ¾” male threaded push fittings that we picked up at our local independent home improvement retailer. Hi and welcome to our video on How to Install a Whole House Water Filter. We’ll begin by making our first cut in the existing water line using this copper tube cutter. did it affect (reduce) the pressure compared to without the filter? But for high-rise apartments, the space to put the water filter could be a major issue. If possible, isolate your home’s outside faucets since your lawn and garden won’t need filtered water. We could have also used this ¾” mail threaded copper compression fitting, but we would have had to solder the ends to the existing water lines. We don’t need filtered water outdoor use. Before installing the unit, you need to turn off the water supply and open a faucet to relieve pressure in the line. Then the new house so the water line from the water meter is running directly straight across to the house and I'm just going to show you something here. You may want to have a bucket and some towels handy. In this case, a space-efficient whole house water filter could be the wise choice to get the best balance between space and filter capacity. Whether your water comes from a well or from a municipal water supply, you want it to be clear, you want it to be clean, and you want it to taste good. Instead, install a whole-house humidifier. Bacteria Test Kits. The house is not pre-plumbed for a water softener so I cannot figure out where the main water line comes up out of the slab. Whole house water filters are point of entry (POE) filters. To learn more please call our friendly Customer Service Team. This spot also makes sense because of its proximity over our utility sink, which will come in handy during filter changes. There is growing concern over the safety of residential tap water due to a series of high-profile cases involving lead in the drinking water. First, we’ll determine the best place to put it, taking into consideration the configuration of our home’s water supply lines. Here we are, normal suburban house, okay? Reviewers frequently install this budget whole home water filter to reduce chlorine and sediment that might otherwise affect appliances, like a water softener or an icemaker. This whole house water filter system cost estimate includes cost factors, retail costs, installation charges and pricing estimates from other reliable cost sites. * Choose an easily accessible location, but near the main shutoff valve. When installing a basic whole-house filter, you’ll need to cut out a section of water supply line and splice the new filter between two shut-off valves. Welcome, Richard. above it. Simply tighten with a screwdriver. A whole-house unit filters the water at the main just as it comes into the house, bringing you crisp, clean water from every tap in your home. Tubing cutter. 2-3 hours. removes dirt and other various larger sized particles from the water that can clog the following filters. You can install a whole-house water filter that will provide clean, clear water for all of your household needs. Water Softeners. Bacteria Test Kits. June 22, 2018 Save Pin FB. This will help your filters last longer. PlanItDIY is a source of inspiration, ideas and how-to advice that helps consumers plan and complete their DIY projects and connects them with local independent home improvement retailers. Whole house filters differ from point-of-use-filters by being located at the water source for your home. By Brand 3M CA Ware Clack CWS Flowmax KX Matrikx Omnipure Pentek Speciality. Jan 27, 2019 - DIYNetwork.com experts demonstrate how to install a whole-house filter in the main water line. Pelican offers a limited lifetime warranty on this whole house unit. We are talking about whole house water filters affectionately called Big Blue.